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Important options in texas holdem

If I told you every tough decision in poker was actually an easy decision would you believe me? Probably not, but if you believe in your intuition and have inner balance and control then you can hear and listen to your gut feeling and follow through with your gut feeling. Your gut feeling or intuition can be your best friend if you know it is right in it, trust it and listen to it. Your gut feeling is that first feeling you get, the majority of people never believe or trust in there inner self and dismiss the feeling as just a thought and then think more and end up with no real confident answer or decision.

Everyone knows that one guy that seems to just seems to float through life and always gets so lucky, well that guy probably listens to his intuition. He’s probably laid back, never really worried or never panics just always seems so sure.

Your intuition isn’t the solution to all your problems and your gut feeling isn’t always right, just because your gut feeling isn’t always right it’s not correct to stop listening to it, you need to understand that your gut feeling is the best tool that will help your more times then not, so listen to it unconditionally.

You have most likely heard the miracle stories about animals sensing stuff before it happens, or animals acting weird or behaving weird before major events happen. This is because animals rely on 6th sense, they trust and rely on instinct for survival. They don’t have time to thoroughly think things through or contemplate, they feel there gut trust it and react on it.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t think about decisions or problems and should just do what your first intuition is, because evaluation is an important and critical part of the decision making process. Going over all the variables presented to you to come up with a conclusion. So evaluation is important and should be done, but you should be able to feel your first natural instinct and let it play a major role in your decision making process. You should give your gut feeling the top value on the list of variables that you consider when making a decision.

For the majority of people they will never be able to tap into there inner self or will never be able to know when they hear it or feel it, this is because in order to hear and listen your gut feeling you need to have balance in your mind and body, you need to have emotional control over yourself, you need to be in touch with your feelings. Everyone has instinct and gut feeling so if you don’t know what your gut feeling is it’s probably because your mind is clouded and cannot clearly identify when your gut feeling kicks in and talks to you.

Being able to hear and listen to your gut feeling can become a very powerful tool in your Hold’em playing, you have to listen to your gut though, the first instinct or thought you have is usually always the correct decision. Your mind is a powerful database more powerful then any computer and has a hard drive that stores every hand you play, every bet that people make, every situation that happens. So your gut feeling is usually what the mind feels based on your database of similar online poker situations.

So practice listening to your self, identify when your gut tells you something and believe in it and use it in life, use it on the rakeback tables. Hopefully this will help you improve your Hold’em poker game and make you a better player